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Jim Love's F-82A Launched in Maine

Jim writes:

I wanted to let you know that I have just finished my first season on my F-82- "Irish Lady". I wasn't able to do a lot of sailing this summer, but I certainly enjoyed what sailing I did. My mate and I cruised on the boat for a total of 7 nights during the middle of September and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I am sending a couple of photos with this. Taken on a nearly calm day. I was rowing my dinghy around. The amazing aspect is the fact the boat was sailing at all- we were moving in wind that was barely perceptible.

I love this boat- she is fast and fun and I don't think I will be satisfied with a monohull again. Thanks so much for making these boats available to us amateurs.

Best regards,
Jim Love
F82A #24
Pittsfield, Maine