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Richard and Julie Roscoe's F-9AX

Richard Roscoe launched his beautifully built F-9AX 'Triohe' last year in England, and has since made quite an impression on UK race circuits. The F-9AX actually has the potential to be faster than an F-9A/F-31, with less wetted surface area for a given weight, and the ability to get on the plane earlier, due to the wider center hull.

The F-9AX has over 15% more interior volume than the F-9A, beam of center hull at deck being 14" (350mm) wider at deck level, while headroom can be 2 1/2" (65mm) higher. However, the only way to obtain an F-9AX is to build yourself, which is not for everyone, but the end result can certainly have many advantages.

Richard and Julie's F-9AX is also one of the first launched to have wider overall beam, (F-9AX is 23' 1" versus 22' 5" of the F-9A/F-31) and the greater stability resulting also helps heavier weather performance.

Richard has now certainly demonstrated the F-9AX's potential, with a number of wins, his latest being in the Royal Southampton Yacht Club two-handed Nab Tower Double Race on Saturday 8th September, 2001, with a record 96 yachts entered. Triohe took line honors by 37 minutes, averaging 8.6 knots for the 37 mile course, leading home all the monohulls and many other F-boats including F-28Rs and an F-25C.

The following photos, taken by George Stead during a trip to the Channel Islands (Poole to Guernsey 78 sea miles in 6 hours) show some of the many unique features that Richard built into 'Triohe':

On the beach - Richard also made the rotating mast

Inflating the dinghy on the wind deck, flush float deck hatch just visible

Autohelm in command, curved traveller track clearly visible. Holes in traveller bridge provide forced ventilation into aft cabin, forward through the boat, and out via shell vents in anchor well sides in bow.

Looking aft - extra wide traveller and aft mast support visible - lines going forward are via tubes in deck

Richard Roscoe

Built in outboard well - rope clutches on inboard side are for rudder up and down hauls

On the beach with outboard leg visible

Looking forward - Mainsheet traveller is made up from 2 four wheel cars bridged to travel on the curved track

Looking aft from float - fairings on aft beam and lower folding strut just visible

Blister style entry and dodger/sprayhood mount base is visible here. Drain from sliding hatch also visible below inboard line

Cockpit and fold-up table - which also is the main cabin table. Hinged cabin doors are recessed into bulkhead - so no loose washboards/slides

Taking it easy. Main is boomless, but can also roll up around lower batten

Beaucette Marina, Guernsey, near high water. Tidal range is 26 feet.