F-36 Completes Circumnavigation

Paul Van Gysen and Ingrid Craul have now sailed their Farrier F-36 JAM TODAY around the world, west bound from South Africa. After the Atlantic they passed through the Panama Canal, and then crossed the Pacific to Fiji. They then headed home to South Africa via New Zealand and Australia, with no problems being reported.

JAM TODAY was launched by Mike Hennings in South Africa in 1995, and was the first F-36 sailing. It subsequently took line honors in the cruising multihull division of the 1996 Capetown to Rio Race (across South Atlantic), leading home seven catamarans, including two 40 footers and one 47 footer.

JAM TODAY sailing off Capetown

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The Farrier designed F-36 has now made three Atlantic crossings, plus one voyage from New Zealand to Japan. It is a big, safe, roomy, and true ocean going boat. It can be trailered by demounting (it is not foldable), but its sibling, the F-39, can fold and is based on the F-36.