F-33 Centerboard Option

F-33X Aft Cabin Version Shown

A 'kick back' centerboard option is available for the new F-33 design series. This will give a 'roomier feel' to the main cabin, and a much larger cabin table (can easily seat 6) is now possible. The settee seatbacks can also be dropped in between settees to form a very spacious main cabin double.

The other major advantage is the ability for the board to 'kick back' should one run aground, and this can be a very useful safety feature in shallower waters. Board is a higher aspect foil than the standard daggerboard, so it will be slightly more effective. This will help make up for the extra slot drag associated with a centerboard case, and overall performance should be similar.

Note that 'kick up' centerboards are more complicated than a daggerboard, so more maintenance may be required. However, the configuration used has been very well developed and tested, and should be virtually trouble free.

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