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The First Ever F-22 Sailing Review

July 30, 2017

Boating New Zealand has just done a full written review (7 pages) plus a 5 minute launching/sailing video on
the F-22, and this can be seen in their current (August) Issue, which is now available for purchase online. The
article is on Page 50 and includes a scannable QR code at end which links to a 5 minute launching/sailing video.
Boating NZ is also available on Zino

Just a couple of technical errors in the article - it mentions the F-22 is being built using epoxy over male molds,
whereas it is actually vinylester-epoxy plus isophtalic polyester resins in female molds. The bigger F-33 and
F-45 are the designs currently being built over male molds with epoxy, this being a more expensive and time consuming process, and mainly used for high level custom or racing boats. The F-33 is now also evolving
into the more production friendly female molds with vinylester/polyester resins, (as was also used on
the original F-24, F-27 and F-31).