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Newsletter No. 6 - September 1978

Bumper issue newsletter this time, as Trailertris are booming and there's a lot of news.

The recent Brisbane Sunday Sun Boat show at the Valley pool was a huge success, the on the pool venue being ideal for Trailertris. Derek Gibb's '680' BEWITCHED was only just finished in time, still being painted and assembled the day before. The wide 16' 4" beam dwarfed every other boat and this was easily the best show ever.

A good comparison shot of the 680 (22 footer) with a a 22' mono, a 23' telescopic cat, and a 20' cat.

BEWITCHED has since done extremely well in the Bramble Bay Winter Series here in Brisbane. Even though lacking a spinnaker and not fully tuned, she took line honours in the multihull section of the 2nd race, beating two of the fastest racing tris in Brisbane. Winds were light, just ideal for Trailertris!

Other builders here are progressing well, there should be at least 14 sailing in Brisbane next season, enough for class racing. Just launched are Graham MacFie's and John Davidson's '18s'. Forbes Peter's '680' will be next, probably followed by Ross Turner's, John Allcorn's and George Sadler's. Quite a few new builders; one well known is Nev Buckley, former skipper of the 18' skiff QLD TRAVELODGE, and winner of 67 championships. Like most builders Nev is mainly interested in cruising, but should he do some racing, things will liven up!

In New Zealand, there are now 22 being built with the first due in the water this season.

This will probably be Bob Cawston in Wanganui with his immaculate '18'. The next to launch should be John Wilmshurst in Hastings, or perhaps Reg and Geoff Collins in Tauranga. Of the six in Auckland, Dick Vroegops will probably be the first.

But things are really taking off in the U.S.A. with 8 or 10 enquiries in a day becoming common. No news of any launchings yet, but Phillippe Nobileau's '680' should be launched in California later this year, possibly the first, while in Florida, Fred Hoetzel is going well, but up in Vermont Dick Smyth seems to keep running out of sheds to build his '18' in! Most are building in either California or Florida, with quite a few also in the Lake Michigan area. Judging by the amount of interest a Trailertri causes on the roads here in Australia, the U.S. freeways are going to be livened up soon!

From the feed back from builders there appears to be no problems in the construction, the general agreement being that the cabin is the hardest. The first to mention this was Bruce Russek who is a regular phone caller from Papua New Guinea. Bruce has absolutely no previous boat building experience, but found everything easy until the cabin. This was both surprising and pleasing as nobody appears to have difficulty with the folding system, which was my main concern. The cabin is of conventional construction, so it seems that Trailertris are probably no harder to build than other types. Further notes have been now been added to the plans to help with the cabin.