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F-36 Launched in Holland

July, 2006

Gary Mulder has now launched his F-36 #30, which he built himself. Gary writes:

Our F36 has finally been launched. We have named her 'Noreen' We are planning to spend our
summer holiday cruising the North Sea and the Baltic.

Noreen weighs 3000 kg (6600lb) included rigging, engine(160kg), batteries (80kg), wiring, cushions,
nets, fridge, mooring lines and fenders. Excluded spar, boom and sails.

When I have the opportunity to take some pictures sailing I will mail
you some.

Yours sincerely
Gary Mulder

'Noreen' appears to be another beautifully finished boat, and well setup as can be seen
from interior photos sent earlier:

Main cabin looking aft

Looking forward

Passageway under cockpit to aft cabin, and view of aft cabin

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