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Mike Wright's F-25 Launched in Seattle

Mike's F-25A SCOOTER was recently launched at Shilshoe Marina, and distinguished itself by immediately winning its first race that afternoon (the 2003 Blakely Rock Benefit). SCOOTER is beautifully finished and a real credit to builders Mike Wright and Pat Pielage.

Mike writes:

....overall, I'm still grinning big time, I can't get Wayne's comment before the start that we couldn't seem to find a way to slow the boat down out of my head, that is so much more desirable then how do we speed it up. We passed most of the mono fleet, quite a few upwind to their surprise. All in conditions that I had heard were not favorable to the shorter F-25 (short, steep chop). Downwind, we just need to learn how to pass to leeward better, we got stuck in a couple of wind shadows, but never failed to pass anyone.

Thanks for the great design and all the support over the years. I think there were times Saturday when I was nervous, but the harder we pushed the boat the more it responded and I attribute that to your excellent design skills. What a way to start.


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