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F-82R Aft Cabin Version Being Built in Canada

June 24th, 2003

Larry and Krystine Wood's first F-82R hull is now out of the form frames. This is an all carbon fiber boat, and should in fact be faster than an F-25C if the interior is simple and excess weight is kept minimal.

It is also one of the first aft cabin F-82s to be built, so not only will it be fast, but even roomier as well.

Builder Larry Woods with his masterpiece.

Exterior with aft cabin visible - note how the HD inserts for fittings etc., are
already in place, as per plans. A big time saver if done when recommended.

The aft cabin interior - as with all Farrier designs, the interior bulkheads and major panels
are already in place when the hull half is removed from Form Frames, not only saving
considerable time later, but making the unfinished hull half stiff and easy to handle as well.

Looking aft inside aft cabin, cockpit floor and main cabin bulkhead, with
additional quarterberth or storage area on port side also visible. Every inch of
space is used efficiently in the F-82!

An earlier progress report on Larry's boat

More Details on Aft Cabin Version (downloadable PDF)

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