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Three Legs In France

Jean-Paul Juguet decided a few months ago to organize a regatta dedicated to cruising trimarans as though ORMA races are very popular in France (at least on TV...), nothing exists for cruising multihulls, in particular tris (like the MOCRA in UK). Jean-Paul writes

As our time and logistic means are limited, we wanted to keep everything simple: emails, no committee boats, no fees (but a good BBQ at the end). This proved to work fine and I think we will continue this way next year. For the moment we are only two organizers: Armand van den Broek (Dragonfly 920's owner) and my self. The name of the race is "Tripattes" ("Three Legs").

The Tripattes 2005 spread over 2 days, on July 15 & 16th, offshore South Britanny: the first day was a 55 mile journey mainly downwind with a 12-16knts thermal breeze in the afternoon ; the first two boats a F-31R and a F-31 which made it in 7.5 hours. After a night in a very nice mooring area (Belle Ile island, see picture), we continued the next morning for 25 miles in a light wind towards the "Golfe du Morbihan" where we set-up the finish line in a river about 3 miles in land. Much fun and many "see you next year" ..

This year, we gathered 10 boats and we have contacts for over 10 more prospects . So next year we would like to count 20 boats on the start line (let's be ambitious). The 10 participants this year included:
1 F-27, 2 F-24, 2 F-31, 2 Dragonfly 920, 1 Dragonfly 800, 1 Twiggy 32 (Crowther tri), 1 Challenge 30.

Best regards

Jean-Paul Juguet

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