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F-33 GREY HOUND Sailing On Lake Ontario

Dick and Anne Anderson's F-33 GREY HOUND was launched at Sacket's Harbor, Lake Ontario, New York State, on May 7th 2005, and has spent the summer cruising on Lake Ontario..

Dick and Anne took delivery of GREY HOUND in November, 2004, and it has been a long wait for the spring thaw to enable launching. The following photos show the launching sequence:

On the trailer and ready to go at Sacket's Harbor, which is about 60 miles
north of Dick and Anne's home in Syracuse.

Dick and Anne on the water at last

and floating very high

Motoring away under inboard power, daggerboard rudder well up but
GREY HOUND still handled very well

Coming into the dock for the first time

Unfolding the starboard side

and then the port side

The 44.7' (13.62m) mast setup and ready to raise

on the way up

and almost there - the raising system again worked very well, with mast always
under complete control. It could also be done single-handed

Leaving the dock, unfolded, and ready for anything

Pushing the daggerboard rudder down

and coming back for the launching ceremony

which was superbly done by Anne

Time to relax and celebrate in beautiful Sacket's Harbor

It was a little windy out on the Lake for the first sail, which then took place
the next day - photos soon.

In the dock, where the very high beam and folding strut clearance can be clearly seen,
a major improvement with all latest Farrier designs.

Assembling Grey Hound

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