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As shown in the F-9R water skiing video below

Trimarans can be fast and exciting in stronger winds, but they can also be fast in light winds, where they are a sheer pleasure to sail.
The following high quality video by Dan Beiley demonstrates just how enjoyable a trimaran can be, and while being sailed single-handed:

YouTube also now has many videos of Farrier designs, some being:

The F-24 Intrigue at Speed in Australia
Doing 19 knots at times, and the monohull it passes is a Mumm 30.

The F-22R 'Sknot' also in Australia at Speed
Ex Kermit from Hong Kong

F-33 Sailing In Canada (British Columbia)

F-9R Skandia passing the Open 60 monohull Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss has since been lost in the Velux 5 Oceans Race, while the
F-9R Scandia (aka Wilparina) is still happily sailing.

An interesting video showing
The 130' French racing Tri 'Banque Populaire' passing a 42' cat in Atlantic
while on a record breaking pace to circumnavigate globe. Banque Populaire went on to cut
3 days off the record, averaging 26.5 knots overall, and it reached over 40 knots at times.

and the opposite view of 'Banque Populaire' from the cat being passed!

An F-33 Sailing Video is available via the F-33 Video Page

An F-41 Sailing Video is available via the F-41 Video Page

Some Older Videos:

F-36 Sailing Video
Quicktime (5.7Mb)
F-27 Rigging and Launching
Quicktime (2.2Mb)
F-27 Unfolding
Quicktime (1.4Mb)
F-27 Folding and Marina Docking
Quicktime (1.1Mb)
Cruising The Tropics
Quicktime (0.9Mb)
Cruising Baha, Mexico
Quicktime (1.8Mb)
F-27 Action Sailing
Quicktime (12.9Mb)
1998 Corsair/Farrier Nationals
Quicktime (2Mb)
F-9R towing water skier (wake board)
Quicktime (6.1Mb)
F-9R sailing at both low and high speed
Quicktime (6.5Mb)

The above videos were all been compressed from original files of 200Mb or more, for reasonable
download times, so are of only moderate quality.