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New F-41 Now Sailing In New Zealand

By Ian Farrier

Chris and Stephanie Hiscock's F-41 'ISLAND STYLE' has now been launched at Timaru, New Zealand. If interested in trying out an F-41, or just some exciting sailing in comfort, then 'ISLAND STYLE' will be available for charter in Auckland late in 2003 or early 2004, and for details contact Chris at:


Sailing off Timaru (South Island of New Zealand). Over 15 knots was achieved, with winds of 15 to 17 knots, and Chris reports that this was with 12 people aboard, plus a sea anchor with very heavy rode, 250 litres diesel, 600 litres water, and a few days provisions.

Just launched

Having the mast fitted

Cockpit starboard side - halyards are led under bridgedeck to winch at left

Cockpit port side with Hiscock family

The view aft

Foredeck area - note the self-tacking jib

Bows and retractable bow pole

The optional retractable daggerboard rudder with double link gudgeon system - rudder can be
very deep for the best control and handling, but also retracted for shallow water sailing. The latest
and simpler F-33 style daggerboard rudder will also soon be available for use on the F-41.

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