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F-41 Photo Gallery

January 30, 2003

ENDLESS SUMMER owner Scott Meyer and family - Scott, Karin, Nicoline, and Tristran

Bow view at dock

Port helm position

Access hatch in hull side, looking through to opposite hull hatch - also make great fishing holes

Starboard engine room

Sidedeck with carbon fiber chainplate and daggerboard control lines

Composite bow beam and bow nets, with carbon bow pole retracted. The composite bow beam is
38kg (84lbs lighter) than the aluminum bow beam option.The retractable bow pole
is also essential if
one wants good all round performance from a large cat. Can be impractical, due to docking and other
problems, so most use short stubby poles. But making it retractable as shown (and as used on Farrier
trimaran designs) allows the longer pole to be used with all its advantages.

Gooseneck and mainsail

Square top main, top batten removable from forward side.

Stern view with dinghy in davits

Halyard winch mounted in optional forward cockpit position on ELECTRIC ATMOSPHERE.
Lines are led forward under bridgedeck

Additional cover over cockpit

Helm instruments

Anchor locker, looking forward

Self-tacking jib option set up

The unique Whispergen power generating system as used in ELECTRIC ATMOSPHERE

25HP outboard installed and in lowest position on Ian Maxwell's F-41, now virtually complete.
Tilts and retracts upwards when not in use.

Interior Photos

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