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An F-82 In South Australia

John Bowlden's F-82 sailing at Goolwa, South Australia

John also built a Trailertri 680 many years ago, and writes:

Hi Ian,

Here are some photos of my F-82R Freelance which I have been sailing for 2.5 years. One includes Robert and Philip Remiltons F9R Willparina 11,taken a few miles after the start of the 35mile Goolwa Meningie Race. Willparina being fastest and Freelance 2nd home and 1st on yardstick.

Other photos showing boat maintenance by the method first shown in Trailertri Newsletter No 42 by Larry Smith (F-27). This method I have also used in the past on my 680. The 82R is a quick boat and is outstanding going to windward in 20+ knots of wind with speeds of 12-14 knots.

Keep up the good work

Regards John Bowlden

Interior looking forward, with double berth in bow area

Interior looking aft, quarter berth visible

A good method for supporting boat for maintenance when off trailer. It is quite safe to support beams just
outside lower beam brackets, but use a large block of wood to spread load evenly across bottom of beam

Note clean lines and very high standard of finish.