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Another Shipment Of F-22 Plugs and Molds To Philippines

The next shipment of plugs and molds has now been shipped to the Philippines, and this will give Multihulls
Direct enough to actually build their first F-22, once the necessary molds have been made off the plugs.

Main hull plug being loaded into the container. This is the last major plug needed for Clark production to begin.

A close fit - the plug had to be rotated 45 for it to fit into the container, and this required a special steel
frame to be welded up. The rest of container was then filled up with more plugs and molds.

All these plugs/molds have taken around 8 weeks to organize and build, and have thus delayed F-22
NZ production significantly, but the end result will be a faster F-22 production rate which will enable
many more F-22s to be produced.

Fully loaded container being loaded onto the NZ invented side loading truck - it's so easy..!

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