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Latest F-45 and F-45RC Progress Photos!

#1 F-45 (epoxy glass) and #1 F-45RC (epoxy carbon) lined up in the Philippine factory, with a third F-45 now
started in foreground. Photos taken at end of January, 2016

F-45RC is an all carbon race boat for Kim Alfreds and will be sporting, curved foils,
electric drives, thin film solar technology, tall carbon rig, and a powerful sail plan!

The F-45 is a kit boat for Cooper Boating in Canada, and they will be doing the final fit out

View of the F-45 from the F-45RC

View of the F-45RC from the F-45

These are big boats

F-45 No. 3 viewed from the F-45

The F-45RC cabin roof, almost ready to fit on