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Latest F-45 and F-33 Photos From The Philippines

Updated August 30, 2015

The first F-45 hulls have just been removed from the form frames and stood up:

The worker alongside at back left shows the size. It is a big boat

Next step is to laminate and paint the hulls on the outside, after which they will be assembled with crossbeams, and
then the deck/cabin roof (built separately) will go on

Bows will received a deep foam cap, to act as a crumple zone, behind which (1m back) there is a watertight bulkhead

The next F-33R to be delivered, almost ready and being fitted out. This one will be staying in the Philippines

It will then be followed by Chris Hiscock's F-33, which is currently receiving final paint inside, and this will be
delivered to New Zealand once finished.