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Another F-33 Delivered

May 2nd, 2015

I was in the Philippines again in April to check out the latest developments, and for further discussions on setting up
F-22 production there in the Clark factory. We are also looking at forming a new company to be called Farrier
Marine International
, which will combine Farrier Marine and Multihulls Direct under one overall company in order
to manufacture F-22s, F-33s, and F-45s in the Philippines, all under the Farrier Marine brand. F-22R production and
any other new developments will continue on at our New Zealand factory.

Multihulls Direct was in the process of delivering their next F-33, which is heading to Vancouver, Canada:

Final fitout and assembly at the original Subic Bay location

Now launched for the water test

Once again, another light boat - and it will be possible to see and sail this particular boat in Vancouver
at Cooper Boating's Sailing School on Granville Island

Another great interior - seat backs still to be fitted

Galley area.

Back at the factory the next boat (heading for California) is also nearly ready

The new F-45 continues to progress well in the next building, but no further photos are available at this time.

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