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Philippine Developments

March 22, 2015

I was again in the Philippines over the last week and was able to check out our new F-22 factory, which is being setup next
to Multihull Direct's existing F-33 factory:

The new factory setup at the Clark Freeport Zone - existing F-33 factory on left, new F-22 factory at rear

The F-22 production space - the required tooling for the standard F-22 is to be shipped from New Zealand

But in the meantime we are busy building a new 'mystery' design - more details soon.

The next F-33X to be shipped, and almost ready to go to Vancouver Canada, where it will be one of
two to be based at Cooper Boating's Sailing School on Granville Island (once approved to operate).
Thus if you want to sail the very latest F-33, then now is your chance, and in a beautiful sailing area.
Cooper also have one of the new 'mystery' designs on order and this will similarly be based with their
sailing/charter school.

The next F-33s in line, one to California, one to New Zealand, and another to Canada.

While this one in the paint shop is staying in the Philippines

A new addition to the F-33 factory is the sewing room for cushions, canvas work etc.

While out the back a new air conditioned materials store is being built at the rear. The concreted area
in front is to be roofed over, and the 'mystery' designs will be assembled here.

While in the Philippines I was also able to see the 'all carbon epoxy' F-33RXC (no. 6) which had just been completed
and about to be loaded for shipping to Australia:

The F-33RXC having just arrived in a Subic Bay boatyard for the pre-delivery water test, after which it
was to be disassembled and packed into the container for shipping.

Now launched and looking good, bow knuckle just out of the water

The new third generation beams have plenty of wave clearance.

Lifting foil control box can be seen just behind forward beam

This is an extremely well equipped boat with curved lifting foils, carbon mast, lightning grounding system,
large fridge, large freezer, shower, electric toilet, water treatment system etc etc. But it is still floating
very high with stern 75mm (3") clear of the water, even with 4 people on board. Everybody was very
pleased with the final weight (or lack of it)

The very roomy and fully equipped interior, cushions now in place

Bow bunk

All the comforts - but now its time to disassemble and pack her up:

Floats and beams removed, with main hull being lifted off the trailer

Placing on the custom built cradle

With floats now added on top - I had designed this cradle system for the original 2003 F-33, where it
had worked well, and it also works perfectly for the latest F-33. It was quite a bit of design work to get
everything to fit, but saves the cost of having to pack and ship in two containers.

Going into the container - fits like a glove with just 10mm to spare.

Having to use another boatyard for shipping is not always convenient, and future final assembly, water
tests and containerization will be done here at our new waterfront location in Subic Bay. A new building
is about to go up, and this will give a fully covered and exclusive assembly area.

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