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F-32SR in 2016 Newport Ensenada

Jerry Fiat did well again in this years Newport to Ensenada Race, but had some drama and writes

We had a bit of an adventure. On the way up to Newport from San Diego we hit what everyone believes to be a whale (remnants in the board). After a late 1am arrival in Newport we got up at 5am, and with some help from some great people made emergency repairs to the damaged dagger board.

We barely made the line, but had a great start, and within the hour every boat in the race (except for the Maxi Tri's - two ORMA 60s, one with AC72 Floats, and a MOD70) were in the rear of us and out of sight. This included all the Mono's some that started 30 minutes before, a Seacart 30, a modified Gunboat 66 with lifting foils (Extreme H2O) and a 60 racing cat (Afterburner). We reached the mid point by 4 PM some 60 miles, with the GPS putting us as arriving at 7:30PM ( 7 hours for a 125 mile race). We were sailing in 4 to 6 foot seas at 20 to 23 knots, with 60 miles to go.

However, about 40 miles from the finish a gudgeon on the rudder cassette broke, so we limped in and got in at 10:20PM, 5th overall. The boats in front of us were the MOD 70, ORMA 60, Seacart, an RP 68 (mono), and we lost to the Seacart by 20 min. In talking to the Seacart owner, they where seeing speeds of 17 to 19 where we where seeing speeds of 20 to 23. The wind was over 20 gusting to 27. We had a full main up and the R1 until the wind picked up more and we went to the R2. We had about 60% foil down,  and stayed high of the rum line. In retrospect we could have run the rum line and taken 15 miles off the sail.

I am not sure if the break is a result of the whale, or the gudgeon. In any case it has nothing to do with any parts or design from you. Crew was: DJ (David Johnson) Eric Heim (North Sails San Diego), Ryan Garvin, and myself

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