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F-32AX Across Canada

Patrick Gary has now launched his F-32AX and recently did some interesting cruising. Patrick writes:

Dear Ian,

I send you some photos from my trip. I am retired since May and I crossed Canada, east to west with my F-32AX Karbon
Rider. Eight days driving and 5000 km from Quebec to Vancouver passing through the Canadian Rockies. The first photo
is on the way near Thunder Bay, and the Superior lake is still frozen. I then spent 5 months on the inside passage in
British Columbia and Alaska. The photos with ice are in Alaska on Le Conte glacier. My boat was perfect on road and
during sailing even though I spend 75 % motoring because of no wind, or too much wind. I sailed in Haidas Gwaii, The
former Queen Charlotte Islands. To the south of Moresby island is a national park and the old Haidas villages, where
the marine wildlife is very great.


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