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F-22 Arrives In Switzerland

Markus Stacher's F-22 #5 arrived in Switzerland last week. 


Better still, Switzerland also has side loading trucks, which makes handling a container so easy!

The doors open, with young Jan Stacher in front

Slowly being pulled out of the container

and being moved to the assembly area with a forklift.

Assembled with bow graphics now on. Markus writes:

Hi Ian

This Thursday the boat has arrived in Switzerland. Everything is perfect. My boatbuilder is really impressed about the boat,
the quality and the well-thought-out details. "Less boat and plenty of mast, that will be fun".

You did a great job in packing the container. Thanks. The unloading was easy.

My junior Jan is helping to assemble the boat. He is really useful. He can easy go in the boat to hold on the screw-nuts. :-)
Till now everything running great. You did a perfect preparation.

I will send you next week more pictures when boat is ready.
Thanks for all

Best regards from Switzerland

F-22R #225 "BIG Smile"

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