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November 1, 2015

Hull No. 6 Arrives in USA

Bill Darnell's F-22 has now arrived in Phoenix, Arizona, and Bill writes:

Ian thank you for such a wonderful boat! It arrived perfect. Hats off to the packing job!

For some reason I could not get a truck that could sit the container on the ground, so it was a
little more difficult to unload. I had to get a fork lift to lift it out of the container. I used a dolly
for the rear of the trailer to roll it out far enough so the fork lift could lift the entire boat. After
the boat was lifted, I had the semi truck pull forward and then lowered the boat. It was a tense
moment. But everything ended up fine, without a scratch!

From opening the doors to the semi truck to putting the floats on, and sitting in the drive way
it took 2.5 hours. It went together very easy when you follow the very detailed information that
you provided.

Thanks again
Bill Darnell

Trailer wheels now outside to where forklift can lift at the natural balance point. A drawing is included
with the F-22 Assembly Book showing how to do this for when container cannot be put on ground.
Side lift trucks (as shown further below) are a New Zealand invention and are not yet available world
wide. However, still no problem to unload even from up in the air. Just a forklift needed.

Float and beam assembly - a much easier lift.

and now assembled in the driveway!

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