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November 5, 2016

F-22 Factory Current Status

Farrier Marine's Factory this weekend. No 10 (in background) with No. 11 (Sail no. 231) in middle. No. 10 (heading to USA) was finished a couple of weeks ago but is being held up by the trailer which is still being built. No. 11 is having its deck fitted on and will be heading to Sweden once finished.

The aluminum trailer has taken a while to make this time, as the usual structural channel used was suddenly unavailable in the right alloy, meaning we had to get a mill run done. Such runs can take several weeks, and it only just arrived last week. This is one of the disadvantages of manufacturing in a small market like NZ as even though we actually make raw aluminum here, it is all mostly sent overseas, while the range of available extrusions or items like structural channels off the shelf is limited. It is moments like these that I miss manufacturing in the USA - everything is available and right there with no waiting!!

Still, there are other advantages of manufacturing in NZ, and it just requires a little more time and planning to overcome the various obstacles that can spring up.

Otherwise, just about everything on the production F-22 is now sewn up and finalized, and work has already begun on obtaining the required financing for the now very necessary fast expansion.