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F-22 Launched in Dubai (UAE)

May 15, 2016

Robert Lakos has now launched his production F-22R #227 in Dubai and writes:

Hi Ian,

Had a wonderful sail on Saturday - light winds of 8 - 9 knots, sailed main + jib with average reaching at 7 - 8 knots. Just what the doctor ordered. :)

Love the boomless mainsail. Wind was too light to really get a feel for performance but in terms of easy of use it was brilliant. Easy to raise - I used the winch for just the last 5 feet or so. Really enjoyed how “orderly” it was to manage as it just unrolls. Even more beautiful when it comes to dropping the main as it rolls up quickly, easily and very tidy into a nice tight crêpe. And — sounds trivial — but so easy to put it back into sail bag on: detach topping lift, support sail on shoulder (it is quite light), slip on the bag and pull it forward to the gooseneck. Never have I bagged 35’ of mainsail so easily or quickly by myself.  Full marks! :)

Above is a photo of me and Willem Moelker (blue shirt) sailing in front of the Dubai skyline on Friday. Willem is the undisputed guru of folding trimarans here in Dubai and has been very helping in getting my boat set up.



The arrival earlier:

Side loader in action pre-dawn (they start early in Dubai) unloading the container

And 2 hours later out she rolls, happy owner Robert Lakos in front. Robert wrote:.

Hi Ian,

Happy to inform you that the boat is here. All was smooth with unloading the container. Took a bit under 2 hours starting from when the side loader dropped it into the driveway. Two pics attached ...

I must say you guys sure do pack securely! Gives new meaning to the phrase Total Lock Down. Impressive. Anyway, end result seems great - no damage. Now in process of unwrapping and assembling. Love how everything is well labeled.