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May 23, 2015

Hull No. 4 Arrives in UK

Nigel Armstrong's F-22 #4 has just arrived in the UK:

Emerging from the container

Lifted up so that the UK axle assembly could be fitted, local running gear being required for all UK trailers

Boat now assembled and on the trailer

Ready to go. This is a complete 'sail away' boat and everything went together beautifully

First launching in the Solent

Nigel's standard F-22 #4 has now been doing a spot of racing in the UK, the picture above
being from the 'Round The Island' Race. Nigel writes:

Loving the boat but limited sailing time so far due to work.  I bought Mango 3 as a cruiser but got
persuaded to do the Round the Island with Luke Butler ( Paul's son) and my Dad.   We got round safely
which was my first goal and whilst I didn't get the routing correct and would sail a different course next
time, Luke certainly had Mango 3 sailing fast up the first beat. We stayed in touch with a much larger
Dragonfly and had the legs on a plan built F22R. Off next weekend to Plymouth for the MOCRA
Nationals again with Luke so will be interesting to see how we get on. Best wishes  - Nigel Armstrong

Mango is pictured above racing in the MOCRA Nationals and UK Agent Paul Butler writes:

We talked Nigel into bringing the 22 down to Plymouth for the MOCRA nationals with our Luke
helming for him sailing 2-up. It took us 3 days to sail the F-32 down there. Nigel got up early on
the first race day, drove for 3 hours, launched and rigged by himself and was tying up next to us
as we were just finishing breakfast! The sailing was great with us winning the close battle for the
runners-up spot but couldn't get near the 15 meter Dazcat on handicap - quite a bit of moaning
about its rating! The boys on the F-22 crossed us a few times on the first beat but were struggling
running against the tide with the screacher. They still managed to win a race which was more
than we did this year! - Paul VMG

Some comments received on #4 include:

Congrats on the F-22 - it’s a masterpiece. The attention to detail and finish will knock the spots off of the
others once buyers can see them stood together at a show.

and from a recent factory visitor:

We really like the cleanness of the design and setup. It takes the previous boats like F-28, F-24 etc further
in the right direction.. We are amazed how roomy the interior is. We have sailed close competitors and
believe the effective space and ‘feel’ of space below deck is significant and better than what are larger
boats. The galley setup, forward bulkhead as well as the width maximization really helps there.

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