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Latest News From The Philippine Factory at Clark

June 12, 2016

Good progress has been made with the required molds for the Clark built F-22 production version, the newly
made deck and float molds shown. The main hull plug has also been completed in the New Zealand factory
and is being shipped to the Philippines along with 20 other various molds and plugs. This will finally make
it possible for Multihulls Direct to start building F-22s in volume at Clark.

Two factories operating will quickly mean twice the production to halve the F-22 waiting time, and then
halve it again as the much greater labor resources of the Philippines are brought into play. We should be
able to double and triple the production rate once full production is fully set up. Again, not going to
happen overnight, as there is still much to organize, but it is happening.

Meanwhile the F-33 production molds are also proceeding well, and these will also be ready for use this
year, so as to greatly increase F-33 production. Hull mold is shown being made above, with deck mold
underneath. Reverse bow section mold has been removed in this photo. Float and beam molds already
exist, as do many other parts.

Another new member of staff at Clark is Dave Miller, who is currently supervising F-33 beam production,
an F-33 beam bottom being infused in this photo. Dave did an apprenticeship in tool making and the
manufacture of composite parts at Lotus cars in England, and recently worked at the Formula 1 McLaren
racing team. Dave has a lot of experience with pre-preg epoxies which could be very handy for some
future projects

Meanwhile F-45 #3 is starting to take shape, with the main interior bulkheads in place, and is now joined
with its other half (just visible at right in form frames). Production molds will be taken from this F-45,
meaning it will be the last 'hand built' version, and the form frames will no longer be needed.

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