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November 7, 2015

The next F-33 waiting to be launched last week at Subic Bay. This is for a Philippine
owner, and is equipped with a Southern Spars carbon wing mast

Now launched and with mast up. This is another very well fitted out boat with
all the cruising amenities

Another view, with a 20hp Honda on the stern and a power tilt. Not a light weight motor
setup but the F-33 handles it with ease, transom still being well clear of the water.

View from the front.

The next in line to be launched, and having the anti-fouling applied in the Clark No. 1 Factory last week.
This boat has now been moved to the launching ramp in Subic Bay and is going through the pre-delivery
checks, after which it will be shipped to New Zealand.

Meanwhile, in the Clark #2 factory, Kim Alfreds F-45R all carbon racing cat has now had the inner
laminate of carbon vacuum bagged on the outer hull half.

Inner hull half also with the first layer of carbon vacuumed on

Internal bulkheads now under construction, all being vacuum bagged up on a flat table

Meanwhile back in Factory #1, the first F-22 plugs have arrived and are waiting for the molds to be started. First task has been to source the correct materials locally, or have them shipped in if not available. Not just any tooling gelcoat or resin will do, as these molds will likely have to last 15 years or more, as have the F-27 molds. The actual boat gelcoat also has to last at least 20 years, so only top brands are being considered.

As stated last update, F-22 production in the Philippines will not happen overnight, there being many aspects such as the above to be resolved, but the process has started.

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