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F-22 and F-33 Comparison

Photo below shows Jim MacKenzie's plan built F-22 "Raise a Little Hull" and Thor Schaette's original F-33 "Greyhound" together at Fort Walton Beach during the recent Florida Trimaran Nationals.

The Nationals have become rather fragmented and even exclusionary in recent times, with numbers well down compared to what they once were. Next year it may be time to take a look at this, and particularly once F-22s start to be delivered in numbers. We could once get 50 plus boats such as the 1999 event when I was last able to take part, and with a little work at the right venue, with a fun event for both cruisers and racers, and everybody welcome, then the numbers could start growing again, to where they should be.

It may also soon be time for the first official 'Farrier Nationals', and should anyone be interested in such an event then let me know