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F-9A Sauterelle Wins Swiftsure

John and Marg Green won the multihull division of the Swiftsure race this year in their F-9A Sauterelle, and John writes:


It was a very slow and light wind race and it took us almost 40 hours to finish. We double handed for the race, my wife Marg and I. We kind of got in the groove and when the others withdrew we were ahead anyway, although we had the slowest rating of the fleet.

At 0400 on the second day we went in circles for a while and it took a while to realize that the daggerboard had come up. We had cleared it of kelp in the middle of the night and I did not get the cleat done properly. Without this error we would have had line honors of all the boats.

Of  76  boats that did the same course as us, we were the 2nd to finish including all the unlimited monohulls which should do better in the real light stuff. And they were all fully crewed. A Beneteau 41 is the only boat that beat us on elapsed and that was by an hour. We messed up with the DB or would have had that.

The boat is now 17 years old but to me still looks new. Nothing has ever broken. The new cassette rudder from you fit like a glove with no modifications needed.

John Green

Vice Commodore,

At the start

Coming to inspection dock after finishing with the parliament building behind .

A great effort by John and Marg!

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