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F-9AX Wins Governors's Cup

Kevin Webb's F-9AX has just won the 2012 Governors Cup, a 1800 mile race from South Africa across the Atlantic to the island of St. Helena. Kevin writes:

Hi All

We are back from a fantastic adventure on a FANTASTIC yacht. Banjo is awesome, and full compliments go to Ian Farrier for a great design, and Frans Loots for building a safe, strong and fast yacht!

We had light wind on the nose for the first three days, then it improved from day four, switched to from behind, and we pushed hard, especially at night when the wind blew 20-25 knots. The days were lighter 5-10 in the morning, 10-15 in the afternoon.

We carried full main the whole way, and dropped spinnaker once to repair a tear, and once for a few hours when gusts reached 35 knots! (swapped a 90sq/m for a 60sq/m)

The boat felt safe and controllable, NOTHING broke, we were warm and dry below, fairly wet but content on the deck - we achieved speeds of 18.2 knots sailing deep with the spin on the windward float. We finished first 200nm ahead of a fast 42foot catamaran, and a full two days ahead of the first monohull.

Everyone was in awe when we dropped the mast, folded the floats and presented her to the ship for loading - to then place her on the trailer in Cape Town when they all had to sail back to their home ports!



Approaching the finish line at St Helena

Earlier at the start

A video clip of the final few minutes of Banjo’s finish: http://vimeo.com/56638011

This is actually the second time Banjo has won this race - an earlier report

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