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First F-85SR Sailing

Glynn Thomas has now launched his Multihulls Direct built F-85SR in Subic Bay (The Philippines) and writes:


KatRat was launched on 22nd April, 2013 and was berthed alongside the F-44SC also built by Multihulls Direct.

On Friday, 26th April, we stepped the mast and took her for the first sail. We very quickly knocked up 10 nm with the boat handling very easily.

On Saturday, we decided to join the local fun round the buoys race. In Subic, the racing is very fun and easy going as long as the Beneteau First 36.7 gets line honours. Well this Saturday, status quo changed, as we easily out pointed the monohull and took line honours by a couple of minutes, sailing only Jib and Main on a course, which included a long upwind and downwind leg. Most of the talk after the race was about what handicap they will give us, given they know we are relatively inexperienced and didn't even try to raise the screecher or spinnaker.

In light to medium breezes, it was great to see how responsive it is and how it just seems to keep gliding along, even when the breeze drops out to nothing, allowing us to bridge the wind holes that exist all over the bay.

On Sunday, we took her out for another short cruise, but enjoying it so much we stayed out for over 3 hours. With only 3 on board it was still effortless and could easily be sailed 2-up.

Overall it is a great boat and I really have to thank the designer, Ian Farrier and the builder, Michael Mallory for a wonderful boat.


Glynn Thomas

KatRat F-85SR #10
Subic Bay, Philippines

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