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F-85SR Building in Germany

Georg Bachem and Gesine Schuette are building an F-85SR in Germany and write:

Dear Ian,

Thanks for sending the F-85 Beam & CMM Plans.This will be a welcome winter task, since we can't do any (epoxy) work on the hulls because we are building them in a tent (see attached photos of our building progress). From about mid October until mid March we are limited to our small workshop (a spare room in our apartment) where we can build anything but the hulls.

We didn't have our form frames CNC cut, as we had just previously bought a pretty good Bosch jigsaw so we glued the printed F.S.P.s' to the particleboard which worked very well. We were hoping to join at least 2 float halfs this year but the dropping temperature didn't allow this.

With regards.

Gesine & Georg

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