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F-82A Launched in Western Australia

Harry Speight has now launched his F-82A which he had been building for many years in Western Australia. Harry writes:


I’m pleased to announce that the maiden voyage of F-82A, Sirocco, happened yesterday at Rockingham, WA.  Had a couple of experienced crew, including Neil (F-25A owner/racer since 2001), and all went well.  Everything worked, with no unexpected surprises.  Did a three hour tour around Mangles bay, and Neil recons we maybe hit 10 knots at one stage (in 10 kt true).

I’ve attached a couple of pics of her on the hardstand just before the launch, but no launch photos unfortunately.  We were all a bit busy launching off a beach ramp and unfolding into a 10 kt onshore breeze (I’ll try to pick a better day next time).  

However, managed to get a few pictures of Sirroco on her 2nd sail.  Weather better this time, although we did have a bit of excitement in rain-shower-driven squalls.  Mangles bay is relatively sheltered, so our soaking was only from rain, despite hitting 11 knots close reaching into +15 kt gusts.

So, after a mammoth 13 year build, I guess it’s time to go sailing.



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