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Production F-44SC Interior Progress

Updated October 14th, 2012

I had been very impressed on a visit earlier this year with the exterior quality of the F-44SC being built Multihulls Direct in the Philippines (Subic Bay Freeport Zone), and the interior is looking just as good. It is definitely not the typical big cat with heavy interior liners, to where they always seem to be floating low in the water, with a sluggish performance to match. Instead the F-44SC is an all epoxy, vacuum bagged boat, with an interior hand crafted by Filipino craftsman. Definitely no heavy liners, which are really only an advantage for manufacturers, as they make the boat easier to build, but the end result for the owner is a slower heavier boat, plus the liners can make it very hard to properly access many hull areas.

Gallery area looking forward

Looking down into starboard hull

Looking towards port hull, with dining area

If looking for a large roomy cruising cat that can perform up to trimaran standards, and one that I can endorse, then an F-44SC by
Multihulls Direct is going to be very hard to beat. It is a true F-boat, and any F-boat trimaran owner is not going to be disappointed

In starboard hull and looking aft into the stern double cabin

Looking forward into bow cabin and head area - the interior finish is just superb.

The F-44SC is the 'super cruiser' version of the F-41, with a longer waterline length and more internal room. The F-41 is now a very well proven F-boat, with a number of ocean crossings accomplished, including across the Pacific, and from Europe to New Zealand. More details of the design development and various factors are at:

Farrier Catamaran Philosophy

Multihulls Direct are located in the Subic Bay area, which is a separate free zone in the Philippines for exporters, where there are numerous cost advantages. Company owner Michael Mallory has considerable experience in the construction industry, and has brought together good financing and technical expertise, to combine what are very high standards with very efficient building systems and controls, all of which has resulted in excellent progress and quality.

The basic boat was built in Manila, but then moved to Subic Bay where a new factory has been setup

Looking along the port hull side - the finish is mirror like.

Further information is at

F-85SR also being built at Multihulls Direct.

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