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First Production F-44SC Nearing Completion

I was recently able to visit Multihull Direct in the Philippines (Subic Bay Freeport Zone), and was very impressed with the quality of their first F-44SC cruising catamaran. If looking for a large cruising cat that can perform up to trimaran standards, and one that I can endorse, then an F-44SC by Multihulls Direct is going to be very hard to beat.

The F-44SC is the 'super cruiser' version of the F-41, with a longer waterline length and more internal room. The F-41 is now a very well proven F-boat, with a number of ocean crossings accomplished, including across the Pacific, and from Europe to New Zealand. I had decided to design a catamaran back in 1998, after a number of Farrier trimaran owners, considering moving up to a large catamaran, had been disappointed in such cats. They tended to be sluggish and did not compare well with the sparkling performance of an F-boat trimaran. More details of the design development and various factors are at:

Farrier Catamaran Philosophy

The end result was just what I wanted, with a big cruising cat that could really perform, able to do better than wind speed in light airs, while easy to tack, and can in fact do continuous 360 degree turns in the one spot. Then once the first F-41s were launched, it became obvious that they had more than enough performance, and interior room could be increased even further without effecting performance greatly. However, using the longer F-44R hulls would restore the same high performance, while also giving an increase in loading capacity, to create a true 'Super Cruiser', and hence the F-44SC was introduced in 2006.

It is now being built commercially at Multihulls Direct, with each F-44SC hand built by experienced craftsman, using epoxy foam core construction. This is one of the best and lightest forms of construction, and only possible for cruising boats in a low cost area such as the Philippines. Such a light boat is always going to perform well, and have a higher payload over the typical gelcoated molded boat. A two pot polyurethane finish is also then possible, which is much more durable, and one only needs to look at the photos to see the gloss and high standard of finish.

Only a limited number of photos at present, as it was a little hard to get good photos, due to the new factory lighting system still requiring some work to finish, so lighting was not good. However, full and more extensive photos will be available soon, once the interior is fully complete and good lighting is available.

Multihulls Direct are located in the Subic Bay area, which is a separate free zone in the Philippines for exporters, where there are numerous cost advantages, and the pricing is going to be very hard to beat. Company owner Michael Mallory has considerable experience in the construction industry, and has brought together good financing and technical expertise, to combine what are very high standards with very efficient building systems and controls, all of which has resulted in excellent progress and quality.

The basic boat was built in Manila, but then moved to Subic Bay where a new factory is being setup

Looking along the port hull side - the finish is mirror like.

The high standard of finish, even under the bridge deck, can be clearly seen here.
Check out the shine on the inner side of that bow.

Boat #1 has twin kickup outboards (50HP) which are going to provide quite a turn of speed under
The nice thing about outboards is that they can kick up clear of the water to eliminate any prop
drag. They are also much easier to maintain - just remove and take down to local agent for service, plus
they are very clean and take up less room. The traditional inboard diesels still remain an option however.


A narrow pod protects motor while down, but is above water and only has
minimal drag once motor is up. Again, check out that finish.

Factory is still being setup but it is already a well organized and clean shop, a new office
and customer viewing area being built at left
. Multihulls Direct can also custom build
my trimaran designs, and the boat in process here is Glynn Thomas's F-85SR

The F-44SC pricing also looks to be extremely interesting, the first boat has now been made available for sale, and more details in this regard are available from me or Michael Mallory direct. If seriously interested, then a visit to Multihulls Direct is recommended, to meet the people, and to see the quality first hand. Best way is via Clark Field (CRK) which is only an hour from Subic Bay, and one avoids the Manila airport (busy) and a two hour drive. A number of airlines fly to Clark from Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul-Incheron, and Bangkok.

More detailed information is at

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