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Another F-33 Delivered

November 4, 2014

I was in the Philippines last week to visit Multihulls Direct's factory, where they are now delivering
their third F-33 which is going to Tasmania (Australia):

On the trailer at Subic Bay and about to be disassembled to go into the shipping container

Hull #6, an all carbon F-33RXC, and this one is also heading for Australia

Carbon floats, complete with lifting foils on the left. I was very impressed at how much lighter they
were compared to the standard glass floats on the right. It took both arms to lift the standard floats,
whereas only one was needed with the carbon floats.

The quality construction is very obvious here, with the final fully vacuum bagged epoxy glass laminate
complete, and hull ready for painting

F-33 #7, heading for California once finished, and hopefully in time for April's Strictly Sailboat Show.

Interior of #3 looking forward, and with table in place

Table lowered where it can be used to form a larger berth

Forward berth and vanity sink

Head is in the forward compartment with this version, and it also has a shower.

Looking aft - interior has been faired and then painted, giving the clean glossy finish shown. There
are no interior liners used in the F-33 as these can increase weight by hundreds of kilos. Liners are
a low cost easy way of achieving a good interior finish, but fairly thick laminates are usually required
to avoid buckling or waviness, plus large amounts of glue/putty are then needed to bed in place so as
to bond well and avoid any voids. This then adds even more weight.

Starboard side aft - no liners also means owner has direct access to the hull or deck fittings from
inside, there being no covered over areas that can hide or cause problems.

Stove area on port side

Sink area on starboard side

An older F-31 in Subic Bay - previous owner has now purchased an all carbon F-33

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