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F-33 Update, December, 2013

By Ian Farrier

I managed to spend a day in the Philippines last week to inspect the latest F-33s as being built by Multihulls Direct at the Clark Field Freeport Zone. It was difficult to break away from work on the production F-22, but the all new 2013 F-33 has been proceeding well, and a visit to check on progress was well overdue.

Overall I was very pleased with how it is all going, with company owner Mike Mallory and his crew of 27 doing an excellent job. They have now moved into a new much larger factory, and building is to a very high standard. Some photos taken while there include:

Mike Mallory and some of his staff, with boats #1, 2 and 3 behind

Boats #4, 5 and 6 on the right

Boats #2 and 3 being painted

First interior now painted - almost too bright to photograph

Six boats are currently in progress, with the first about to be delivered to a UK buyer. This has the optional kick back centerboard, which significantly opens up the interior, plus is much more 'boat friendly' in shallow waters. The low cost environment of the Philippines, and the flexibility possible with MD's very experienced work force is making it possible to offer many such options/variations. Thus every boat can be a little different to suit the owner.

An earlier F-33 with the dinette bunk setup ready for use - plenty of room inside

Also on the way through is an all carbon version, but not a racer, as the lightness of carbon can also be beneficial to cruisers, giving a lighter even more responsive boat with a higher load carrying capacity.

An all carbon F-33

The first 2013 F-33 is not yet launched, but it is already a thoroughly well developed and proven design, being based on the current F-32 and original 2004 F-33, both of which already have a long track record of success. All the essential homework has been done properly, with over 40 years of design experience in custom and production boats backing the new F-33. No guess work in other words, and it is already a given that the F-33 is going to sail perfectly.

The builders are also very capable, having now built around 20 Farrier designs, including custom F-22s, F-82s, an F-85SR, F-32s, and even an F-44SR. While in nearby Subic Bay I also had a chance to see the F-85SR recently finished by Multihulls Direct for Glynn Thomas:

and, better still, was able to go sailing on their recently launched F-44SC:

The finish on this big cat is superb, it is roomy, very light, and with true F-boat style performance, tacking on a dime. The twin 50HP Honda outboards (retractable) had plenty of power and were very quiet. A basic phone video is at:

F-44SC Subic Bay Video (35Mb)

This is a design that should be looked at closely if you are considering a big cruising cat. The cost is very competitive, and a demo boat is available in Subic Bay.

Overall, with any model, buyers will be receiving a final product with a proven pedigree, an unbeatable combination of room and performance, and a well proven high resale value.

The latest F-32s to be launched and more interior photos can be seen on:

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