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Two F-32SRXs Launched in New Zealand

Two F-32SRXs have been custom built in New Zealand (Tauranga) by Bruce Beca (Beca Composites) for Australian owners, and
were briefly launched, prior to their shipping to Australia.

Builder Bruce Beca writes;

Not enough time on the water to be sure exactly how they go but the trim for and aft is good. We painted bottom paint up to DWL, which
sat approx. 80 - 90mm above the actual static water line.

Folding with mast up ok, but shrouds had to be loosened off a little. Helm was typically f-boat, that's to say very neutral. All other
systems work perfectly except canting rigging - still some work to be done there (the shrouds supplied were too short to work with
our system).

Best Regards

Bruce Beca
Beca Composites Ltd
Tauranga 3110
PH: +64 7 5718270

On the trailer, ready for launching

Masthead screacher

On the ship and heading for Australia

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