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Two F-32SRXs Nearing Completion in New Zealand

Two F-32SRXs are being custom built in New Zealand (Tauranga) by Bruce Beca (Beca Composites) for Australian owners, and are now almost finished, with both assembled and in the final stages of painting. I was able to pass through Tauranga last week and took the following photos:

Bow view, first one finished painted is gray, while the other will be white

Still masked off, and waiting for deck paint, which will be platinum. Lifting foil slots can be seen
behind the beams, while the trailers (2) are just visible in the background.

Second one heading for its final finish paint

In the temporary plastic paint booth

Stern view showing the very long cockpit. Both boats will have three rudders for maximum
flexibility and control

Interiors were painted but masked off for exterior painting, so I could not get inside for a look, but both boats will be similar to Jerry Fiat's F-32SRX Jailbreak, as photographed earlier.

The easy trailerability and relatively roomy interiors of such fast boats will be a big boost to their future resale value, which is always an important consideration with any new boat, as the actual cost of ownership is much lower. True race boats will always be more expensive, but one that has practical value after its race days are over will always cost considerably less in the end.

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