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F-32SR Sailing In Europe

Video From An F-31R

Richard Bokkerink's F-32SR has now been sailing for a short while in The Netherlands, and Richard writes:

Hello Ian,

Yes the boat is sailing, and when these photos were taken it had been in the water for about 2 weeks.
We were sailing in 16-18 knots wind roughly and one reef, top speed that day being 24.4 knots.
I have sailed Farrier trimarans for 12 years now, but I am on a learning curve with this one.
This really is something else. It is very spectacular.

The foils work good also, and after more experience sailing with these I will may fine tune the angle
but they work now already.

Last Thursday we were sailing in about 18 knots of wind, and my friend sitting on the high side
near the foil had to move backwards quickly in a gust all the way to the rear beam. Then I told
him let's go down wind for a moment so I can put the leeward foil down. After doing so, and with
more gusts, he could sit anywhere on the high side, even next to the front beam, as with the foil
down his position did not affect the movement of the boat.

Richard Bokkerink.

More recently:

Last week we sailed with true wind about 150-160 and wind speed of 22-25 knots, main sail
one reef, and sailing on the Waddenzee, a place with many shallow spots so we had to stay
in the channel. Because of this we sometimes had to sail too far down wind to pick up the wind
angle and let the
apparent wind angle move forward. On some occasions we were able to do
it and on these moments the speed really went above 20 knots in no time, and we reached
around 25 knots at top.

I have to say we were only 2 persons on board, and at a top speed like this the leeward float
has the front out of the water by about a meter and the mainhull is planing also. Because

of the foil the whole ship is reacting very good still at these speeds.

Some Videos with the lifting foils in use can be seen via the following links:

Richard's boat was built By Melvest Marine

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