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F-22R Sailing in Denmark, 2012

Peter Hoejland launched his F-22R last year, and has now completed a full sailing season. Peter writes:

Hello Ian

End of first season with the F-22R. Here in Denmark it is almost winter and no more sailing until spring

The boat has behaved and performed beautifully. We have not done a lot of racing, but the speed is
impressive. Other multihulls have to be a lot bigger to keep up, and we are constantly improving,
especially as we get more comfortable with the boat and put more pressure on her. It can take a lot
more wind than you think

It goes up (and down) wind and tacks with any sail configuration. Also jib only, if we want to take it
easy. That is a very nice feature when the wife and I are cruising. On the other hand she is also getting
addicted to the speed, so not much taking it easy.

It turns out to be very strong and stiff. No failures or disturbing noises, not even with my speed freak
sons on board who constantly are trying to break something.

The handling is very easy. It reminds me of what they said about the Spitfire. "You don't fly it, you strap
it on and fly". It tacks and gybes like an Optimist dinghy, but at the same time I can leave the rudder
for long periods of time while doing something else. As you can see on one some of the pictures. I was
thinking about installing a shockcord to hold the helm, but I don't need it.

It is a pleasure to sail singlehanded. If I overtrim the main, I can leave the helm as the boat tacks
upwind every 15 to 45 seconds, depending on the amount of overtrim, while I put the spinnaker away
or go down below for something. Or just sit and enjoy the ride.

I have had a lot of guests on board. (Even a couple of Australians. Great sailors.) Many of them have
invited themselves. Quite a few are on your waiting list, and they are not less impatient after that.
Sorry about that. Everybody is very impressed with the boat.

By the way, the spinnaker is a used one from a Melges 24. It fits nicely, there are many around and
they are quite cheap. The small spinnaker is bought as a screacher, but it is not flat enough. Nice to
have anyway.

Next year we will do a lot more racing. And cruising. I can't wait. Thank you for a great boat

Best regards
Peter Hoejland

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