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Another F-22 Launched in Sydney

Neville McElroy has now launched his Philippine built F-22 in Sydney, and writes:


Sorry I am so late in informing you of the launch of my F22R #155 which had the hulls built at Melvest Marine. It took a lot longer to get the hulls than was expected after Melvest had a few internal problems. However, thanks to the high ethics of owner Reginald Hare the hulls were completed and shipped to Australia. The quality and finish is excellent and I have a great respect for Melvest and the Filipino workers.

After me taking forever to assemble and mount all the hardware we launched "Gumphy" on Pittwater on Australia Day 26/1/2013 (see photo)

Have participated in a few shakedown races at RMYC on Pittwater and can say she has held her own with the  local fleet. What a fantastic boat so lively and well mannered a true thoroughbred with lots of cockpit and cabin space, A world apart from my previous the F82R although I regret not going boomless but who knows.

Thank you for a Magic Boat from a genuine Genie.

Sorry have not to taking any action photos as yet.

Kind regards
GUMPHY F22R #155

Reg Hare is a true gentleman of the 'old school', and did a great job of winding down Melvest Marine after some serious internal problems had developed, and all the boats that had been ordered were delivered. The core workers were then able to move over to Multihulls Direct, where their excellent work continues.

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