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F-22 Launched in Australia

Andrew Cuthbert has launched his F-22 in Victoria, Australia and writes:

Hi Ian,

Two weeks ago I finally made it to water. The first day was 8 – 10 knot winds - a great day for its 1st sail, and we had 5 on board.

The next day a low hit Yarrawonga and that day we had 2 races on. The 1st race we won by 1min the second we won by 4mins, However by handicap we ended up 3rd. Hmmm...., over a 35-39min race we had a 15min penalty. This was based on a racing cat. It was an excellent day and we pushed the boat to its limits. We do not know how fast we were going but we managed to cut 4-5min off our time in the 2nd race.


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