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Farrier Plan Sales Ended In 2012

The production F-22 is now being manufactured, and this has taken an increasing amount of work to both implement full production, and do all the necessary marketing and boat shows etc. This left little time for anything else, and thus it was decided to withdraw all Farrier plans from sale as from September 25th, 2012. This then allowed more full time attention to all the many aspects related to F-22 production, and other future production designs.

But Some Classic Plans Are Still Available

However, it has left a hole in the market for those who enjoy building their own boats, and the only alternative has been inferior copies. Thus it has been decided to make four classic designs available for amateur builders again, but only selected benchmark designs that do not have a production equivalents. These designs are:

F-82 - - - F-9A - - - F-9AX - - - F-36

These plans will only be sent out in PDF format, which will enable builder to print out all the various information books, including the A3 Construction book, and also the Full Size Patterns on A0 size prints. Any good printing shop or plan printer will be able to print these out. Note that free ongoing backup will not be included, as these plans are so highly detailed and very well developed, to where most will never need any backup. Hundreds of boats have in fact been built where the builder has not asked any questions. However, a paid backup service will still be available at $25 per instance.

More details on plans and building can be seen in the STUDY BOOK. Materials and Sheet 1 of plans (to help determine materials) are available on request for any particular design above.

F-22 or F-32 plans will not be available, but all the ready made components as required for existing plans will remain available from Farrier Marine for as long as necessary, but our main focus has now shifted to production boats.

Ian Farrier

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