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All Farrier Plan Sales Have Now Ended

The production F-22 is now not far away, which will mean an increasing amount of work required to both implement full production, and do all the necessary marketing and boat shows etc. This is going to leave little time for anything else, and thus it was decided to withdraw all Farrier plans from sale as from September 25th, 2012. This will then allow full time attention to all the many aspects related to the production F-22, and any other future production designs.

Some of the later designs such as the F-85SR and F-32 will still be available as kit hulls or complete boats through a few authorized custom or licensed builders, such as Multihulls Direct, but it will no longer be possible for amateur builders to build their own boat from scratch.

All ready made components required for later designs such as the F-32, and the earlier plan built F-22s, will remain available from Farrier Marine for as long as necessary, but our main focus will now be shifting to production boats. The plan era for Farrier designs has now ended.

Ian Farrier

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