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F-32 Launches In France

Olivier Faucon started building his boat in Sri Lanka, then shipped it to France, where he has
now finished it. Olivier writes:

Dear Ian,
I just returned back to Manila 2 days ago, after working this summer on my boat and being able to make a "technical water trial" last week. There is still work to finish (launching and sailing is for next summer) and I was one week short to raise the mast, but I still wanted to see how she floats and check a few things. It was also a big reward to see her floating after so much work! She floats very high on the water, but I guess that's because she is completely empty, and still misses some heavy equipment (outboard engine, mast, sails...).

 Everything went well. Daniel Buyle, who's also building a F-32, was there and helped me, and his girlfriend actually took most of the pics.

Thanks and best regards.


Now folded and on the way to the water

Launched and it floats!


This is another light boat

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