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First F-32SR Nearing Completion

Jerry Fiat's F-32SRX (as being built at Mike Mentor's shop in Michigan) is now joined, and will
soon be heading for the paint shop.

Cockpit is large and there's another 6 ' (2m) or so behind this!
Box up front under hatch is for canting rig hydraulics

Float rudders are optional, and F-22 rudders are just the right size. However, I'm in two minds about
twin rudders, due to the extra complexity and cost, plus they make the boat difficult to steer while folded.

One deep center rudder is standard on the F-32SR for simplicity, and this is probably the best choice
for 95% of real world sailing. However, twin float rudders also allow the outboard to be placed on
tracks right at center, so that it can slide forward when not in use, and the advantages of this setup
can help justify float rudders.

Jerry checking fit of lifting foil. Note the slenderness of the special F-32SR folding struts that
terminate inside the beams.

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