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F-22R Launched in Denmark

Peter Hoejland has now launched his F-22 in Denmark, and writes:

Hello Ian

This is to let you know that my F-22R has been launched after two and a half
years of spare time work.  Details are: cuddy cabin daggerboard version, all
carbon, including the mast (from Visionboats - strong and light and fits
perfectly). The carbon reinforced sails are from UK sailmakers, and as you can see
also perfect. Next year bowsprit, spinnaker and screacher. I have added a self
tacking jib, it probably costs me a m2 sail area, but it is handy in the narrow parts
of Roskilde fjord, when I am sailing single handed.

Attached are some pictures from the first seatrials (I guess 8 – 10 knots of wind, absolutely
no whitecaps) and it hit 9.5 knots hard on the wind. Singlehanded at times and I never left
the cockpit.

On a broad reach it reached 12.5 knots with no drama. The boat was not pressed at all and could
have taken a lot more wind.  I can´t wait for the spinnaker and screacher.

To sum up: What a delightfull boat. Thank you

Best regards
Peter Hoejland

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