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New F-22 Now Sailing In Sydney

Peter Wesley now has his F-22 (built by Noosa Marine) sailing in Sydney and writes:

Hi Ian,

I finally got some photos of the boat. The OMR handicap will be interesting as the boat is only 740kg (1628lbs) all up with all sailing gear, mast, sails, safety, anchors, motors etc.

It is fantastic, and we had our first race in Saturday - 5-10 knots. It was a handicap start 'stern chaser' and we had a work up and shy reach back - we had no kite or screacher. We were fairly quick up wind and over took all the F-24s and sailed away from a Sprint and F-28R - the other boats started a fair way behind us so we didn't really see how we were going against any others - a racing cat ran us down in the end.

What was impressive was how responsive the boat is - we were holding boat speed with a couple of boats and then as soon as we get a slight increase in wind we're off and she jumps out of the blocks - she really responds nicely to constant trimming. The mast is working well - we had it out in 20 knots last week and it stood up beautifully well - no inversion and no sign of getting out of column. In the light stuff we were able to power up nicely and get great shape in the sails.

Kind regards,

Peter Wesley

This is another light boat as can be seen by how high the transom is floating

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